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Bahnemann Kennels

Absolutely fantastic. 5 STARS

Frank has been fantastic in training our dog and preparing him to be able to come out shooting in the next year or two. He has worked wonders in creating the foundation for a good consistent heel both on and off lead and helping our sprocker to relax and calm down on the lead resulting in much less pulling and easier walks. Teddy loves going to Frank and seeing his stable mates but also to be put through his paces. His hunting has come on so much and Frank has been able to bring this out of him in a short space of time and now he is a superb hunter who responds very well to the whistle. We are now working on being able to send him in different directions using the whistle and hand signals which Frank has done, i have seen the evidence, it is now up to me to work on it.
I have found Frank great to work with, he is great fun and cannot do enough for you. He is always on the phone if you need to ask something and calls up to check on how things are coming along.
I cannot recommend Frank enough and anyone that is fortunate enough to work with will understand what I mean.

Thank you very much Frank.