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Saved my life!

Frank was my last hope and has been a godsend!

I decided to adopt two Romanian rescues who both came with issues, yet they settled in really quickly and everything was going very well, enjoying walks along the river and going everywhere together. Then Nelly was neutered and everything changed and went downhill very fast. Walks became incredibly stressful with her agression towards cars, men and children, becoming highly unsociable and warning off anyone coming into the house.

She’s a very loving dog and I couldn’t bring myself to rehome her, I knew the problem was me as she’s extremely responsive to training. I’ve seen to two behavorist’s prior to Frank but neither instilled me with any confidence and I won’t deny I needed/wanted a quick fix!

Then my neighbour recommended Frank and within 5 minutes of meeting him, he had Nelly settled and she was a different dog, I left that first session with hope and a lot more confidence.

I can’t recommend Frank enough he has been amazing, and I’m now looking forward to those walks along the river again soon.