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Achieving with Frank

I was fortunate to be introduced to Frank and his wife through a mutual friend. Having now experienced one to one lessons and subsequently placing my 6month working cocker spaniel with him for residential training l cannot recommend Frank enough. Each lesson brings progress and leaves you keen for the next one. His lessons are well structured, have good content and are tailored to the individual (both 2 and 4 legged pupils). He works with you and your dog’s ability. He recaps earlier learnt skills at subsequent lessons so, you better do your homework in-between !. Frank’s enthusiasm to get it right and his obvious pleasure in handling dogs is a joy to share. From having experience of other gundog trainers with former dogs l would say he is fair , consistent, his interest sincere and you come away feeling you have learnt something for investment of your time and money. I have had many years of experience with animals and people who work with them and would complement Frank for having time for you. I am proud of my little dog and what l can now do with her and that’s due to Frank.