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Bahnemann Kennels

Dog Handler Training

“I was recommended to Frank Walker by a friend of mine as I needed some advice on a number of minor issues; more to do with me as a handler rather than with my dog!  I booked a one to one lesson and although it was a little bit of a journey, it was well worth the effort.  After a friendly introduction over a cup of tea, we got started.  It soon became clear how the early foundations in dog training need to be made clear with repetition before going on to the next stage.  I could understand why Frank liked to start with training the handler before moving on to the dog!

I found the lesson extremely informative and came away with lots of homework to do on my own before practising with my dogs.  It really is worth the effort to go and see Frank for advice, he has a great training philosophy which worked well for me and my dog.  I was also impressed with how my dog worked for him; when the message is so clear from the handler, the rest seems to flow naturally.

I thoroughly recommend a lesson, the advice and a useful tip along the way makes it well worth it.