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Frank Doesn’t just Train Gundogs (Thank Goodness)

In June 2011 we rehomed a 1-2 year old male German Shepherd called Zac from a well-known charity.
He had been found as a stray.

We have had 3 GSD’s before and thought we knew how to handle them.
But this one was a total challenge.

His problems consisted of pulling on the lead, barking at everything and chasing anything that moved including cars and motorbikes. He didn’t seem to have been socialized and he couldn’t cope with other dogs, was easily distracted, hyperactive and anxious. If we let him run free he would only come back when he was ready.

We went to a local training class but realised we needed specialist help. So we went to a canine behaviourist for one to one training but even this didn’t solve his problems.

Although we have known Frank for several years we thought he only trained gun dogs and not problem dogs.

Frank has a complete understanding and rapport with dogs which was evident from the moment he met Zac.

We had our first session in February and saw an immediate improvement. Franks method is to teach us so that we can continue to train Zac between sessions.

Although we are making very good progress our training is on-going and we are now in the process of socialization with other dogs.
We cant thank Frank enough for the change in Zac in such a short time, we would have no hesitation in recommending Frank to anyone with a dog problem.

George and Linda Banham.

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