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We started taking our Springador, Jasper, to Frank earlier this year after we had struggled to crack some basic training. Whilst his obedience was slowly getting better, he was proving quite a handful for us and we felt we needed to significantly ramp up the training to help Jasper achieve his potential!
Frank’s first few lessons were more about training us than the dog and whilst this felt strange initially, we quickly understood that Jasper’s obedience was more down to how we were handling him rather than anything else. Frank said more than once to us, “Jasper clearly loves you but he doesn’t respect you’. This was hard to swallow but we could see it was true.
Frank has helped us tremendously to reach a happy point with Jasper and whilst we still have challenges (particularly now there are Pheasants everywhere!) I could not recommend him enough. He sets clear boundaries (for owner and dog) and his approach clearly works. He is firm but fair and you can see much he loves the dogs he works with.