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Morgan and “Uncle Frank” December 2015.

My name is Morgan and I am a 1 year old Working Cocker Spaniel.

I was first taken to training by my owner in May 2015. There we met Frank Walker the person who was going to train me, but as it turned out it was my owner who actually required the training.

“Uncle Frank” was scary at first because he is a “military type” who demands that things are done properly, by his book, every time. However, it wasn’t long before my owner realised that it was his way or no way at all. Before long she was “marching” around the square being held on the lead by “Uncle Frank” who constantly reminded her what was required of her in order for me to be a well trained dog in the future. It wasn’t long before “Uncle Frank” became the dog being “trained” by my owner who took some time to get things right!

Time has marched on and I can now do some things correctly especially for “Uncle Frank” and my owner. I have to practice at home, a requirement by “Uncle Frank”, but it works!

Both my owner and I have lovely times at “Uncle Franks” when I often sit, yes, I sit now and wait, whilst I watch the pair of them “marching” around learning the next command and control for me.

I think “Uncle Frank” is great. He is strict but kind and he loves his dogs, and my owner is really getting better because I am now unable to be naughty when I am home with her. All dogs should have some time at Franks because his system works, although I don’t think my owner will ever be as good as he is, but I love her anyway!

Way to go Uncle Frank. Love Morgan.