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One year on…

I have trained with Frank now for nearly 18 months. Frank doesn’t train my dogs but teaches me what I need to know to achieve the goals I set myself. As with any learning process, it takes time, effort and patience of which Frank gives all 3. I probably dont need to continue to train with Frank as I have now aquired most of the skills and methods I need to train any of my dogs to a high standard. However, with Franks’ experience every training session is an inspiration, and the pleasure I get from seeing my dogs develop is priceless. I recently entered my first BASC working gundog test at Fyfield, without any special preperation I thought it was time to experience for myself what this was all about. It was well worth it, my 3 year old cocker spaniel, Barney (Flys’ Barney Rubble), achieved an impressive 1st place in the Novice Spaniel group. This has really inspired me to be more involved in working tests and perhaps some field trials at a later date. This wouldn’t have been happening without the help and support I get from both Frank and Madeleine.

I have 6 Cocker Spaniels in all, quite a handful. Without the training I have had it would be like world war 3 in our house, but this is not so, all 6 of my dogs are very obedient and are all a pleasure to live with.

If you are looking to train your dog, no matter what the breed, or the standard you are looking to reach, I still couldn’t recommend a better trainer. The speed of the results really is quite astonishing.

Andrew Turner & “The Pack” – Barney, Tarka, Fly, Nellie, Willow and Solo.