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Trials and Tribulations

Ive been working with Frank for approximately two years. So far its been an amazing journey and a wonderful experience on many fronts. As a family we have three dogs . Two working labs and a lap dog (Pug) .

I purchased a fully trained gun dog 7 years ago , Millie. She was my first gun dog . Had the demo , she did everything her trainer had thought her to do and more , as if it was operated by remote control ! I got her home ready to demonstrate this finely tuned animal to the family , the rest didn’t turn out as expected! I should have sought help then! I didn’t know how to control her properly … the rest was just a domino effect of trial and tribulation . Millie is a very head strong lab , an alpha bitch – if there is such a thing !

We developed a working relationship over the years , but all on her terms ! Sound familiar ? I think the fact that she’s an amazing wildfowling dog , masked the underlying issues which needed to be addressed . I never felt fully in control.
She would do all commands during training exercises – however let her loose on the marsh at my peril ! She once ran wild on a local marsh after morning flight (she had a great morning retrieving mainly wigeon from the tide and didn’t want it to end). She was running wild for around an hour , wouldn’t come back – just a yellow silhouette in the distance . I was so angry , I got in my truck and proceeded to drive home ! 5 mins later the red mist cleared , turned around to find her sitting in the car park ! Ive had a couple of incidents where I felt seriously embarrassed due to her behaviour . I tried various methods from reading , you tube videos, fellow wild fowlers , anything ! It helped somewhat – but not enough!

I got my second working dog from 8 weeks . Made the initial contact with Frank. He immediately helped over the phone explaining a few v basic commands to aid with Pipers future development . We started working together at 16 weeks building the foundations . I would see Frank on a fairly regular basis and do the homework in between ( or at least try to ). I’m sure the reader ( with reference to the other testimonials) understands that Franks methods are based on consistency . Frank trains ‘you’ to train your dog.

As a family we have benefitted in many ways with Franks help . He has helped my daughter (12) to train Piper. She absolutely enjoys working with her. Frank has helped me enjoy having a dog ! I have a working dog that listens , fills me with confidence , a dog that can be trusted , and a dog that will quite happily lay on my lap watching snooker !

The above benefits coupled with Franks enthusiasm and passion for dog training ……….. is the perfect recipe for me !

The journey continues ….

Best Regards,

Alan Hopkins