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We came to gun dogs fairly late in life

We came to gun dogs fairly late in life but soon caught the bug and training the dogs and competing became our passion. We had some success (and some failures too ) but my first gun dog was a Spanador with a delightful nature but full of beans. We went regularly to a gundog training class in the North of England and it was the making of him. He not only won the class test in his first year but also won several local tests. When he died I got a second Spanador and was equally successful with him. But as he has aged, I have searched for another dog to continue our sport. Everyone told me that a pure bred Labrador was easy to train but nobody told this guy. I have had Lucan for a year now and until we went to an intensive training course with Frank, I thought he had wrecked my life. He was such a strong and excitable dog that I felt sure that he would never make the grade.

That session was literally life changing for me. Lucan responded to everything Frank did and I was able to see the potential in him. It certainly seems that Frank has some magic about him as far as dogs are concerned and not being a selfish soul, he is willing to share some of his secrets with us. We could never be as good as Frank – that would require a miracle – but we have been given the guidelines and more importantly the confidence to have a real go at continuing the training on our own.

There was never any violence used throughout the sessions ( although I am sure that Frank could have hit us sometimes for being so feckless) but only a strict adherence to routine and discipline with many kind words when the dog gets it right. Also there was a very warm welcome from both Frank and Madeline which imparted a relaxing atmosphere to the days.

On our return, my manic black Labrador did his first test in France (where we live) in the Initiation category and came second so the results speak for themselves.

We can recommend Frank’s training school and the methods he uses 100%. The grounds are superb and are ideal for all kinds of training. We certainly intend to have refresher courses whenever we can but in the meantime we are intent on putting into practice all that we have learnt – so many new ideas that one just feels inspired and ready to get started with renewed enthusiasm.