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6 months that changed the way I think!

The six months that changed the way I think
It was May 2017 when I first came to know Frank. My first meeting with him was transformational in the way you should train a dog. His precise military style routines were at first encounter alien to me – but effective, and very, very necessary if boundaries are to be set between you and your dog. Within 10-15 minutes of Frank “walking” my young Red Fox Labrador, she was heeling and sitting upon command. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I had not done this sort of thing with her, but what Frank showed me was the approach, attitude and techniques to become much more effective as a handler. These were the first steps (no pun intended!) on a journey of discovery, whereby Frank has trained me (literally!) so I can train my Fox Red. It reinforced the old adage “There are no bad dogs – only bad owners”. But to become a “good owner” does require patience, dedication, repetition, and yes, lots and lots of time! You must always praise your dog when things go well. And what if things do go wrong or you have a bad day? In Franks immortal words “Don’t get angry, clam down, and have a cup of tea. It’s not the dogs fault – it’s yours!” Very wise words as I have learnt to embrace during the last six months – and it’s a good job tea is my favourite drink! So….where I am now with my training? From the essential skills of heel work, sit, down, and come commands, I have progressed to retrievals – and as I currently write I am getting my Fox Red to stop and sit mid-retrieval with and without a dummy, and yes, I hand signals are now part of my training as well Yes I have come far in such a short space of time (looking back I am quite amazed at the progress we – my Fox Red and I have made), but I have much still to learn. My ambition are field trials and eventually working my Fox Red in the field. I would never have been able to do any of this without the guidance of Frank’s insights and skills as dog trainer and handler.

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