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Celebrating One Year of Training with Frank

By way of introduction, a year ago I thought of myself as an experienced dog owner when I rehomed a 7 month old Labrador. He was beautiful and loving, but excitable, silly and suffered from separation anxiety. He pulled on the lead & although on his own was responsive to commands, add in another dog or distraction and I had no control whatsoever!

Common sense told me that I needed help to educate this juvenile delinquent, if I were to end up with a dog I was proud of. I also realised a Village Hall class wasn’t going to cut it with this lad. And so the internet search began……..I came across Frank’s website.

As I wasn’t particularly interested in shooting I thought Frank might direct my enquiries back to the Village Hall, but no!! It turns out that Frank’s methods are for everyone. Looking back at those first few months I can see that the foundations were laid for everything we have subsequently learnt. A gap in that learning would simply come to light further down the line.

The ethos is simple: Frank trains me, so I can train my dog. In my house we refer to him as Sgt Major Frank. It is how he is, and how he trains, demanding and with high expectations. Frank is also funny, supportive & on hand in between lessons to answer questions.

As time has passed I have become more and more interested in the field trials and gun dog side of the training. My dog is engaged, active and seeing him work makes me incredibly proud of what we have achieved. 12 months on we continue to train with Frank, for me to learn how to teach my dog, in a sport he was so clearly bred to participate in, and enjoy.

I have a dog I am (very) proud of
Thank you Frank

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