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Bahnemann Kennels

Exceptional Results

“Highly Recommended” *****

After years of studying books and watching DVD’s, I started to search for a trainer for my Cocker Spaniels. On recommendation from some friends I was given Frank’s number, and decided to give him a call.

I was quickly booked in for a lesson, with a friend of mine. I wont give the game away but the first lesson was to say the least unusual albeit very entertaining. It gave a foundation and understanding of dog training that I don’t think I would have got from anywhere else – and utmost respect for my dog. We were given a set of tasks to complete over the next fortnight before we returned. The results were amazing and I returned for the next and subsequent lessons with much anticipation. Progress was speedy and the instruction was simple – I never thought training a gundog could be made so straightforward.

I’m still continuing with the training 4 months on and still just as enthusiastic as when I began, if not more so.

Many thanks go to Frank and Madeline for all their help, I would recommend them to anyone for Gundog or pet obedience training.

Andrew Turner

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