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I was recommended to Frank some 8 years ago when I needed advice on training my 1 year old Labrador Jess. Jess & I arrived for our first training session. It soon became apparent that it was not the dog that needed the training; she was a natural, but the owner!
Jess very quickly learned her trade under the care and guidance of Frank. I remember saying to Frank at one session that I think Jess had a problem with a particular part of the training, the reply came back ‘the only problem that dog is its owner!’ Frank is still trying to train the owner – the dog is great!

I am now attending training classes at Franks with my 2nd dog Ellie.

I would highly recommend Frank as a trainer. Whether you want to send your dog to him or go along with your dog, or a bit of both as I have done then you won’t be disappointed. Frank has a no nonsense approach, he tells it as it is and gets the job done.

A big thank you to Frank and Madeline for their continued support and encouragement.

Mrs Marianne Jackson