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Gun Dog Training with Frank Walker

“I have an adolescent labrador who remains exhaustingly puppy-like. Since beginning to work with Frank only a matter of months ago, the dog and I have come on leaps and bounds both in our communication with each other and the prospect of him working successfully as a gundog. In working with Frank, you have to expect that he will read you, the handler, just as much as he will read your dog….like a book. I believe this, however, to be a huge part of his success…after all, whatever is happening with the dog, comes from you. Accept that responsibility and Frank will help you get to whatever level you require of your dog’s training, with good humour, precision and clarity. Frank’s genuine affection for the canine race is constantly apparent, albeit coupled (quite rightly) with the expectation that they do as they are told. I find Frank and I get on very nicely if I also do as I’m told…and I’ve learned to live with my inadequacy for only having two legs instead of four, and (worse) being a girl.

Quite seriously, when you see the fruits of your training and your dog flies out with enthusiasm from your side to carry out a retrieve, entirely under your control at all times (ahem), the feeling is like no other…and I have Frank’s fantastic expertise to thank for that….oooooooh, I could kiss him!”

Nicola Ford

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