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Bahnemann Kennels

Training dog and handler

After many years of enjoyment watching other peoples dogs working whilst I was shooting I decided to get myself a spaniel. She is a lovely little bitch and after teaching her the basics I felt I needed help to ‘bring her on’, I took her to three different trainers who all told me similar things, concluding that “She’s a good little dog, keep at it and you’ll get there. That will be £30 please, give me a call if you would like another lesson”. I was a bit confused as it was costing me £30 to be told ‘Keep at it’.
I then saw advertised a BASC gun dog training day so I booked myself in. Including my dog there were 3 springers, 5 labs and Frank. We had the most amazing day, as well as the fun and the banter we all (dogs and handlers alike) learnt a lot.
Frank is an amazing man, he is very methodical, strict, patient, kind and fun to work with. He did confuse at the beginning, as he said leave the dogs in your cars. The first half hour will be spent training you. This seems strange we thought, but it was worth every minute.
I visited Frank at his home this week for a one to one lesson to move on to the next stage of training, this lesson proved to me that every time you meet with Frank you will learn something new.
If you love your dog and want to see it work to if full potential I would recommend that you give Frank a call.

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