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Training my first gundog

I came to Frank after reading three books and having started with a trainer who’s methods I didn’t think suited me. The books were only useful to me after having a few lessons with Frank, as I had struggled putting words into action.

I have a springer cross cocker spaniel who is currently 7 1/2 months old, I came to Frank with a crazy pup and within the first 10 minutes he had him walking to heel and his full concentration, which left me amazed and quite frustrated that the little sod payed no attention to me unless I had a tennis ball.

There are a few things I enjoy about Frank’s training one being that instead of you watching him make your dog do miracles he works with you first, making sure your commands and movements are correct before bringing the dog into the equation, I found this made life a lot less stressful as I now understood what I was asking the dog to do and what was expected of us both.

Frank’s training is very regimental which makes it easy to follow as it never changes, the commands are clear and easy to learn and you get them written out on paper for you to learn at home.

I also like the fact that he not only answers his phone and is happy to listen to your problems and give as much advice as possible, after my first lesson he rang to see how I was getting on and make sure I understood what I was doing.

All in all I am very happy with Frank and his training and look forward to many more in the future.

Hudson (human) and zeppelin (dog)