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Training my 15 month old working bitch

I had done a lot the basic training with my fox red bitch by FTCH Drakeshead Vodka and found I needed an experienced trainer to take her to the next level and I was lucky to find Frank. Reading blogs on his website I thought he could finish Ruby. He took her for 6 weeks and I was so impressed how much she progressed during that period, she fell in love with him making me a little jealous when I went to visit. I took her home and tried very hard to follow all the instructions Frank gave me. I took her back to Frank in June 2018 when she was 2 years old while we went on holiday and she stayed with him for a further 4 weeks and progressed really well. The partridge season started in mid September and with great fear in my heart I took her in the beating line walking to heel.A partridge fell in a 100 acre field of sugar beet about 200 yards from where we were in the cover crop and I called out to Mark,at the end of the drive I sent her and she went straight out picked it and straight back to hand . I was so proud and got a great cheer from all the beaters. On the next drive she picked 10 partridge behind the guns and they were so impressed 2 of the guns put their names down for pups from her . This is all down to Frank and his skill and patience, I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like a well finished working dog. Ruby has since had 10 puppies 6 sold to shooting people before they were born remaining ones sold in 5 days. I have kept a bitch and she will be going to Frank for her training. Michael.