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Bahnemann Kennels

Training Goose

I contacted Frank via an engine search following some extremely bad behaviour from my 14 month old Lab/Pointer cross, having had dogs all my life I thought as a family we were prepared to handle a puppy. We had been to puppy training which was great for socialisation but didn’t work in obedience.
After one session with Frank he showed how responsive my dog could be if we followed some very simple commands and rules, practised a lot at home and was consistent with the training.
Goose and I went back to see Frank a further 5 times and now at 20 months we have the most enjoyable, well behaved dog who is a pleasure to be around and loves nothing more than running free through the woods, with me safe in the knowledge he will respond to my recall command without hesitation.
Thank you Frank it has been a joy learning from you and correcting my behaviour allowing Goose to understand my instructions.

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